The Adventures of Splodge the Magnificent – A Novel by Phil Ryan


The Adventures of Splodge the Magnificent – A Novel

Meet Splodge the Magnificent. A very extraordinary cat. Splodge lives with her humans in a quiet corner of North London. Where a whole amazing world within a world can be found, in the small streets and gardens she calls home. A universe of cats in a way. Or to use modern parlance a multiverse of purrs. If you are owned by a cat or amusingly you believe you own a cat (cats do find this funny) then you’ll recognise how things work. Meet Splodges feline friends. Meet Splodges humans. If you ever wanted to read something full of adventures and drama and love that will lift you up, make you smile, feel good and brighten your day, this is it. Journey out the cat flap into a world you never imagined existed. Put your best paw forwards. The Adventures of Splodge the Magnificent.



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