The Story Hive

Welcome to the Story Hive, the home of amazing audio stories, all completely free. Designed for easy streaming, the Story Hive brings you a collection of exclusive audio entertainment that you can listen to anywhere – whether you’re home, walking in the park, in the car, on a train or a plane, by the ocean, alone or with your loved ones.

The Story Hive features a cornucopia of short stories, serialised novels and novellas, and radio plays by London-based author Phil Ryan. With themes ranging from the dark to the humorous, the amazing to the silly, and the thoughtful to the unbelievable, as well as a whole section especially for children, there’s a story for every listener and every mood.

How it works

Each story forms part of a collection to help you navigate our catalogue. Some collections are serialised novels and novellas, while others are collections of short stories, children’s stories and observational pieces that will grow over time. You can browse all our collections here.

All our stories are labelled with keywords and length indicators to help you choose the right story to suit your mood and the amount of time you have available for listening – although, of course, you can always come back to a a story and finish it later! To find the right story for your mood, take a look at our categories here. To help support our work, please visit our shop and browse our selection of e-books and gifts.

Meet the author

Hello, my name is Phil Ryan and I’m a writer and a storyteller. I’ve always thought the best way to experience a short story is to sit and listen to a storyteller and get transported into a world of imagination. That’s why I’ve decided to make all my stories available in audiobook format and create the Story Hive for you to explore and listen to them.

In a time where large corporations now pay writers either nothing or practically next to nothing for their work, I’ve decided to offer my stories directly to my listeners for free – but I would appreciate it if you support my work on Ko-fi and please do visit our wonderful shop. Buzz around and find a treat. Thank you for supporting independent authors.

Phil Ryan

Special thanks for their help in creating The Story Hive to: Jay Sparks for audio engineering, editing and production; Susanne Hauner for project management, website maintenance and content editing; Creative Pixel for website design. See here for a full list of contributors and services used.