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Circular Motion: A Short Novel

Sometimes the things humans have put into space fall back down to earth. Imagine what could happen when a satellite falls to earth – how many people are affected, and just how many lives change in the most unexpected ways. Get ready to laugh and cry as you follow the path of a falling satellite across a continent in this twisting, turning and delightful romp.

Falling Into The Sky

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Just the Job

Every person’s job has a story and many are more fantastical than you could ever imagine. Take a look beyond the obvious with these short stories of ordinary jobs and extraordinary people.

Love Stories

Love is all around us, and it comes in many shapes and colours. This collection celebrates the many different kinds of love we will find in a lifetime.

Overheard in London

These amusing stories come from conversations overheard in cafes, museums and public places around London and the UK. These are genuine conversations, faithfully recorded by your author. Names, locations, places have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent. This stuff you really can’t make up!

Plan Bee

The Story Hive is incredibly proud to support Tony Briggs' amazing new initiative to restore the UK bee population and propogate the use of hives across schools, colleges, community groups and businesses.

Radio Plays

A collection radio plays, offering everything from life-affirming tales to humour and horror.

September in Rome

A collection of compelling short stories all set in September in the eternal city of Rome. Ranging from humorous to dark, some romantic and some surreal, each story introduces us to a different character from the myriad of fascinating people who call Rome their home.

Shakespeare's Sonnets

This is a collection of my favourite Shakespeare sonnets. Over the coming year I'll be inviting guest readers to join us on the Story Hive, delivering their favourite ones too.

Sleepy Bedtime Stories

These stories are especially written for children aged 3 to 6, to listen to at bedtime. They feature a wonderful cast of characters having little adventures guaranteed to capture any child’s imagination. The tone and pace of these bedtime stories will help little ones drift off to sleep.

Tazzie and Howl: A Novel

It’s 1969 and a young boy scout and his friend go on an adventure. Along the way they meet two of the most unlikely heroes you’ll ever see. Put on your backpack, get ready for a long hike and travel to a place beyond time, full of magic and imagination. A wonderful novel for children and adults alike.

The Crime Files

The secret files of a high-ranking, retired police officer offer a glimpse into true crime stories that the public never knew about until now. Fact or fiction? You won't believe what you'll hear!

The Gallery

A series of engaging tales from a well-known London gallery.

The Honeypot Lane Bookshop: A Novel

Mr Gabriel Philips has just hit rock bottom. But as so often life often takes us in an unexpected direction. Come and take a trip to a place where lost people are found. The bookshop at Honeypot Lane.

The Horror Club

A selection of dark, clever and terrifying horror stories, not for the fainthearted. It’s probably best to keep the lights on when you listen. So, are you brave enough to sit and hear one? Prepare to be horrified…

The House of Eternal Summer

A delightful children’s book that doubles up as a guide to life for youngsters. These charming tales are unafraid to explore the many emotions every child faces and offer gentle answers to difficult questions. (Suggested age: 8-12)

The Meditation Circle

Guided meditations to help you relax, for first-time meditators and experienced folks alike. Learn simple exercises that will enable you to create a personalised set of meditation journeys for yourself. All the meditations are connected and help you build a personal meditation portfolio. New meditation exercises will be added regularly.

The Other Place

A collection of fiction stories to simply stop you in your tracks: Visit strange, alternate worlds where things are never what they seem and ordinary people find themselves in extraordinary situations. These stories will leave you shaken or smiling - or sometimes both - and hugely entertained.

The Random Emails File

The art of the letter, transformed for the 21st century: Listen to short email exchanges ranging from funny to shocking to simply bizarre and prepare to be moved and entertained.

The Sleep Room

The Sleep Room is a place for those struggling with insomnia and poor sleep issues. These voice-guided exercises are designed to help you get into a better sleeping cycle. By simply listening and following the voice, users can take control of interrupted sleeping patterns. We recommend to use these exercises as part of your bedtime routine.

The Storm House

A collection of spellbinding modern fiction stories ranging from the humorous to the very dark. The Storm House features everyday characters in intense and enthralling situations. Set in the multi-cultural melting pot of a city that is London, it shows urban life with all its diversity, joy, pain and complexities.

The World of Ink and Dreams

It's said that every tattoo tells a story - but where does reality end and myth begin? This gorgeous collection of stories about the art of ink on skin will take you into a world far beyond your wildest dreams.

Things You Really Need To Know

Musician and writer Phil Ryan has travelled the world for the last forty years in an extraordinary career. Along the way, he has learned many life lessons and felt it a good idea to jot some of them down, just to see if he could help people along the way. So welcome to "Things You Really Need To Know".

True Stories

An amazing collection of true stories that were told to - or actually happened to - author Phil Ryan during his career. Prepared to have your jaw drop.

Uncle Phil’s Slightly Altered Fairy Stories

A completely irreverent and slightly saucy rewriting of your favourite childhood fairy tales - strictly for adults only!