Diogenes Copperthwaite – A Novel by Phil Ryan


Diogenes Copperthwaite – A Novel

In the Four Counties one family name stands out. The Copperthwaite’s. The youngest son of the sprawling clan, young DA Copperthwaite, has a very unusual and ancient ability. One you simply can’t believe. From romances in Paris, assassins in Greece, lost clowns, runaway panthers, forgotten tribes in the Amazon rainforests and skin cream and tango dancing, do try and keep up. Young DA’s world is laid out before us in all its mesmerising complexity. Meet Lord Frimlington millionaire head of EA Airlines or Maurice Dryson of Dryson’s driving school (A pass guaranteed) Mr Kwan the Korean financial wizard or Jimbo the Amazon Rainforest project leader. Countless impossible stories that interlink perfectly – somehow. If you don’t laugh uproariously, gasp out loud, and feel full of wonder more than eight times, you get your money back and I’ll take you out to tea! (Subject to author availability: the value of investments may rise and fall, it was like that when I got here, a dog ate my homework)




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