The House of Eternal Summer by Phil Ryan


The House of Eternal Summer

Imagine a tranquil setting in a China of ancient times, where the villagers live and work amongst the blossoms and bird song in a verdant valley, sheltered by five hills. On a hillside path, high up from the village, lives an old man – our storyteller. For him, life’s simple pleasures are the most magical; he sees the world through the eyes of a child, but with the wisdom and knowledge of his great age. His house, the House of Eternal Summer, has a garden where the old man delights to sit. It is into, this garden that a young boy arrives one day after chasing and catching a butterfly. After listening to a story told by the old man, he returns each day, sometimes with friends, all full of questions and assumptions about life’s many changing patterns.

Whenever the boy or his friends spend time with the old man, they are told a story that answers their questions or thoughts and comforts them. Each tale is gently told – never censorious, always beautiful. The moral is stated subtly, allowing the boy and his friends to draw their own conclusions. Each story is a guide; an answer, a pointer to a different way of looking at life. Come sit a while.



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