Tazzie and Howl – A Novel by Phil Ryan


Tazzie and Howl – A Novel

Come and join a 12-year-old boy scout in 1967 on an amazing adventure in reality and imagination. This isn’t a children’s book. This isn’t an adult’s book either. It’s a story for everyone. It’s a book about innocence, wonder, and gentler times, dusted through with the difficulties of dealing with the adult world, plus very importantly a hint of real magic. Our narrator and his fellow scout his best friend Tom navigate their way through a universe of parents, school, friendship, scouts, and an incredible event that will change their lives forever. And of course, not forgetting their two very extraordinary companions. Tazzie and Howl. This is a book about memory and joy and friendship and love. Not quite what anyone could expect. Pick up your rucksack and come along. We’ll bring you home safely. Promise. Scouts honour.




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