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The Holidays are Coming!

By December 8, 2023No Comments

Hello everyone. Welcome to another stunning collection of stories to delight and entertain. If you’re in a mood to go “aah”, please listen to “The Song”. But, as Christmas approaches, we couldn’t resist giving you a chilling Christmas ghost story for you to sit and enjoy with all your friends and family. We highly recommend lighting some candles and turning the lights out, and settling in to have your blood chilled (it’s not a bad idea to get a drink or two in!)

We have very exciting news and will be sending out a STOP PRESS announcement next week, as soon as we’re ready to share the next phase in our ever-evolving Story Hive.

Happy listening!

Strike a Light: A Christmas Ghost Story – Part 1

Strike a Light: A Christmas Ghost Story – Part 2

The Captain’s Parrot

The Midwife

The Lift

The Transfer

The Song